Drain Cleaning and Repairs

Clogs and Maintenance

Is you aren’t careful washing items like food, hair, grease, and other large objects down your drains can result in a clog forming inside your drain. Regularly scheduled drain cleaning maintenance not only prevents these blogs from forming, but also reduced the likelihood that they will lead to a plumbing emergency like a slab leak or burst water pipe.

You Might Have a Problem If
  • Water is backing up. Whether you have water coming back out of your kitchen sink, shower, floor drain, or bathtub, water backing up into your home is always a sign of trouble.
  • Water takes longer to empty. If you have standing water when you finished showering, or notice that your drains don’t empty as quickly as they used to, give us a call.
  • Your drains “gurgle” when emptying. Gurgling sounds indicate that air is trapped in your drain, indicating that a clog is present.
How We Can Help

Regularly scheduled drain cleaning and maintenance is the most reliable way to keep drain clogs at bay, and prevent them from causing damage to your larger plumbing system. Ask your technician about how annual maintenance may benefit your residential home or commercial building.

The Derksen Difference

When you choose Derksen Plumbing and Heating (1984) Ltd for your professional drain cleaning solutions, you can enjoy service which is focused on your experience and delivering the best possible results while delivering the highest-quality solutions available.

Repairs and Replacement

Clogged drains are common plumbing problems that can lead to expensive and stressful plumbing emergencies. If a clog in your drain has become too large, or you’re experiencing ongoing issues with a drain that keeps clogging again and again, you may benefit from drain cleaning and installation.

You Might Have a Problem If
  • You have recurring clogs. Clogs that keep recurring are often solved by installing a new drain.
  • There are foul smells coming from your drain. Does your drain stink from unresolved clogs? If so, then installing a new drain may resolve the issue.
  • There’s flooding on lower levels. If your floor drains are backing up it may indicate that your drain is on it’s way to a primary sewage backup and needs to be replaced.
How We Can Help

A brand-new installation will keep your drains working properly and eliminate any issues that may have been causing your old drain to experience frequent clogs. Ask your technician from Derksen Plumbing and Heating (1984) Ltd about how drain cleaning and installation can eliminate recurring issues in your plumbing system.

The Derksen Difference

There’s no plumbing issue too big or too small for our team of experts. Contact us today and let us help you eliminate stubborn drain clogs, eliminate slow drains, and ensure that your plumbing system in your Winnipeg home or commercial building is always functioning properly.