Air Conditioners

New Installations

The team of professional experts at Derksen Plumbing and Heating (1984) Ltd are ready to keep you cool this summer by installing a brand new AC unit to replace your worn-out, older model. We’ll help you choose the appropriately-sized model for your needs and install it quickly and without issue.

You Might Have a Problem If
  • Your air quality is inconsistent. If your unit isn’t providing you with consistent, cool air, then there’s an issue with your unit.
  • Your unit is regularly leaking freon. Leaky freon is a common AC issue, but if the leaks are persistent then it’s time to replace your unit.
  • You’re constantly calling for repairs. Repeated maintenance on your AC unit may be costing you more than the price of a new unit. As your technician for an expert assessment.
How We Can Help

Our technicians are available to help you select an appropriately-sized unit, and will take care to ensure that your new systems meets your energy efficiency and air quality requirements. Once we’ve determined the best model for your needs we’ll install it with a careful attention to detail, and offer ongoing maintenance to keep it running issue-free for years to come.

The Derksen Difference

Air conditioners which are too big or too small wear out faster and are more prone to issues and malfunctions, which is why our technicians take the time to understand your unique energy needs and ensure that the new air conditioner you choose is perfectly suited to your situation.


Are you confident that your air conditioning system will reliably fill your rooms with cool, comfortable air all summer long? If not, then it’s time to invest in professional AC repair from the experts at Derksen Plumbing and Heating (1984) Ltd. Our technicians work quickly and can repair a wide range of issues which may be preventing your unit from running efficiently.

You Might Have a Problem If
  • Your unit turns on and off. Your unit should run constantly after you’ve turned it on. If you’re experiencing “on again, off again” AC then it’s time for repairs.
  • Your evaporator coils are frozen. Leaking freon can damage your unit’s evaporator coils and cause them to freeze or crack.
  • Your unit has stopped working. This is the most obvious sign that you need repairs. If your unit has stopped functioning entirely, call us for fast and professional repairs.
How We Can Help

Air conditioning units are comprised of many small, fragile mechanical parts which can easily become damaged if repairs are not performed by a professional. Luckily, our expert technicians are available to provide fast and effective AC repair services to restore your unit to perfect working order.

The Derksen Difference

Trust our qualified technicians to perform the necessary repairs to keep your air conditioning unit running perfectly all season long. Our commitment to quality and superior service means you can depend on us to solve whatever mechanical issues may be preventing your unit from working properly.


Are you confident that your air conditioning unit is ready to provide you with cool, comfortable air all season long? If not, it’s time to contact our team of reliable air conditioning maintenance experts for a tune-up before your system begins a season of heavy use.

You Might Have a Problem If
  • Your unit is noisy. Air conditioners shouldn’t bang, clang, whirr, or make other unusual sounds while in operation. These are signs that maintenance is needed.
  • Your air quality is inconsistent. If your AC isn’t delivering cool, comfortable air as reliably as it used to, then it’s time to call for maintenance.
  • Your unit is old. Regular AC maintenance is critical to extending the lifetime of your unit.
How We Can Help

Choose to work with a team of cooling professionals who are committed to delivering the highest level of quality service available in the City of Winnipeg. Our team of technicians are available to provide you with ongoing maintenance in order to keep your air conditioner working perfectly all season long.

The Derksen Difference

We know that it can be a challenge to remember to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance, which is why we offer regularly scheduled, ongoing AC maintenance as part of our services to you. Ask your Derksen Plumbing and Heating (1984) Ltd technician for more details.